Attractions of the surrounding area


The Spa Park

Parkowa |
The composition of this park was created in 1898 according to a design by Karl Grosser. The whole is formed of several smaller fragments arranged in the centre of the resort. That part of the park located closest to the Spa House...

Chatka Górzystów Refuge

Chatka Górzystów refuge is situated on the Izerska Meadow (in Polish: Hala Izerska). In the 17th century Bohemian religious exiles established a settlement here called Gross-Iser, of which the refuge is the sole surviving building. In...

The Refuge Atop Mt. Stóg Izerski

The Refuge Atop Mt. Stóg Izerski  Several metres below the summit of this mountain, soaring 1,107 m a.s.l., is a refuge founded in 1924 by the Schaffgotsch family in a characteristic Silesian-Lusician style. The site offers splendid panoramas...

St. Józef Oblat and Blessed Virgin Mary Parish Church

Kościelna 1 |
St. Józef Oblat and Blessed Virgin Mary Parish Church dating back to 1897, founded by the Schaffgotschs, connected with modern church built in the seventies of 20th century

Izery Trzech Żywiołów

11 Listopada 1 |

The Spa House of Radon Mineral Water

Sienkiewicza 15 |
The Spa House of Radon Mineral Water (in Polish: Pijalnia wody radoczynnej) is located in the Radon Bath House (in German: Radiumbad) built in 1934 by Paul Schmidt.

The Izera Mts. Gravitational Phenomenon

ul. Strażacka |
This phenomenon can be stumbled upon around 300 m from the lower station of the Świeradów-Zdrój Ski&Sun Gondola Lift (in the direction of Czerniawa-Zdrój). A car with its engine off here appears to roll uphill. Some claim that the...

The Spring of Emperor Joseph II Habsburg

Długa |
From this small spring the emperor Joseph II Habsburg drank while resting on September 16th, 1779, shortly after the War of the Bavarian Succession, known in European history as the Kartoffelkrieg or ‘Potato War’. It was the last...

Doctor Adam’s Spring

Doctor Adam’s Spring (in Polish: Źródło dr. Adama) is named for a resort physician who worked in the hospital at the turn of the 20th century, when Świeradów-Zdrój was known as Bad Flinsberg (in German). Pulsing with a clear water,...