Attractions of the surrounding area


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Ludwig's SPA

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The construction of Ludwig's SPA was commissioned by the Schaffgotsch family in 1876, for therapeutic treatments, primarily entailing peat baths and mineral baths making use of the "Maria" mineral water spring (today known as the Ludwig spring)...

Residence Marzenie

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This villa, its name meaning ‘Dream’, was founded in 1901 by the Berliner industrialist Julius Pintsch. The complex comprises the main building, an outhouse in a garden and a park with a fountain, as well as a number of auxiliary...

Czarny Potok Waterfall

In the upper parts of Czerniawa-Zdrój the stream of Czarny Potok is broken by several small waterfalls and a rubble dam halting the stones carried along the bed of the river.

Kwisa Waterfall

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This waterfall on the Kwisa river (in Polish: Wodospad Kwisa) is a man-made waterfall located in the enchanting, picture-postcard Kwisa river valley. The waterfall can be reached from Świeradów-Zdrój by driving towards the town of...

Gingerbread Tree of Dreams Come True

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Gingerbread Tree of Dreams Come True A peach tree, bearing gingerbreads brimming with love. This place has the power to make dreams and wishes come true. All you have to do is write down what you desire on a piece of paper and hang it on a...

Isabell's Gingerbread Workshop

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Isabell's Gingerbread Workshop Izera Gingerbreads and intricately decorated Świeradów Gingerbreads are crafted at the Workshop according to Isabell's recipe. An exhibition of elaborately decorated gingerbreads, a museum displaying 19th...