Historia Świeradowa-Zdroju


The History of the Schools

2008-10-06 12:31:53
The History of the Schools Once Silesia had passed under the rule of Prussia in 1742, in Świeradów too school attendance became compulsory. As was recorded by Hannes Scholdan in a chronicle of Świeradów in the very same year, it received a “royal...

History of town

2014-07-01 11:15:24
The town was probably founded at the end of 13th or the beginning of 14th century. The oldest record concerning Świeradów, which in fact related to the tavern "Fegebeutel" from which the local settlement of shepherds and lumbermen was...

Statek "Świeradów Zdrój"

2018-07-18 13:49:30