Natural resources:

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of Świeradów-Zdrój is temperate and mountainous. Unusually high number of sunny days may be observed here. Winters are snowy but mild. High coniferous forest looks fabulous under snow cover, particularly with consideration of the fact that such a view spreads all around the town lying at the bottom of the valley. The valley is surrounded by irregularly heated mountain slopes causing local air circulation. The location and air enriched with large volume of ozone mixed with volatile oils of coniferous forests create specific microclimate.


coming from local resources is slightly mineralized carbonated, bicarbonate-calcium-magnesium water with contents of iron, fluorine and radon. Drinking carbonated water causes the so-called external effect contributing to vasodilatation of skin blood vessels and internal effect causing reduction of muscular tone, calm, decrease of arteriotony and slow heart rate. Properties of the beneficial water also include: increase of release of stomach acid, stimulation of digestive tract peristaltis and lowering sugar level in serum. The waters are used for bathing, inhalation, application of compresses, irrigation and tamponage.


noble gas emanating from air, soil and water in Świeradów-Zdrój - element of eternal youth. It has positive influence upon cell transformation, enzyme processes, strengthens blood vessels, nervous tissue, lowers arteriotony, or increases it when too low. Radon baths are recommended for persons with rheumatism or illnesses of motor organ and respiratory system. It is radon which makes Świeradów waters unique and baths and inhalations exceptionally effective.


main ingredient of one of the most important treatments applied in Świeradów-Zdrój. Brew of spruce bark is recommended mainly for affections of respiratory and nervous systems, increases skin tension and soothes. Its significance for the health resort is confirmed with the fact that, according to some etymologists, the name of the town from 1946 owes its root-word to spruce itself (‘świerk” in Polish).

coming from peat deposits at the foot of Hala Izerska is characterized by high contents of active ingredients, which affects its high therapeutic value. It is mainly recommended for treatment of degeneration of joints and joint cartilage, posttraumatic conditions of joint, bones, periost and muscles, chronic diseases of gastrointestinal tract and gynopathies. At present, attempts are made to exploit new deposit of mud bath in the vicinity of Polana Izerska.