Attractions of the surrounding area


Izera Dark-Sky Park

This is the first dark-sky park in Poland and the first cross-border park of its type in the world. Its purpose is the provision of a night sky free from an excess of light, allowing for the observation of the stars, an activity which can be...

Exaltation of the Holy Cross Church

Główna 8
Located in Czerniawa-Zdrój, this church was built in 1928.

Tablica pamiątkowa

1 maja 1 | 716 m from city centre

Drzewo Spełnionych Życzeń

Rolnicza 2 | 3.1 km from city centre

Czarny Potok Waterfall

In the upper parts of Czerniawa-Zdrój the stream of Czarny Potok is broken by several small waterfalls and a rubble dam halting the stones carried along the bed of the river.

Kwisa Waterfall

This waterfall on the Kwisa river (in Polish: Wodospad Kwisa) is a man-made waterfall located in the enchanting, picture-postcard Kwisa river valley. The waterfall can be reached from Świeradów-Zdrój by driving towards the town of...

Fontanna 2014

ul. Zdrojowa | 641 m from city centre

Łazienki Ludwika

Ratowników Górskich 1 1 | 327 m from city centre

Residence Marzenie

Asnyka 10 | 1.1 km from city centre
This villa, its name meaning ‘Dream’, was founded in 1901 by the Berliner industrialist Julius Pintsch. The complex comprises the main building, an outhouse in a garden and a park with a fountain, as well as a number of auxiliary...