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Agroturystyka Izerski Potok

Przecznica 51 |
Agroturystyka Izerski Potok is located in the Jizera Mountains in a small village Przecznica. We offer a newly decorated 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, kitchen and playroom . We have facilities for families with children . For guests we...

Orlik Multifunctional Surfaces

Sienkiewicza 2
Orlik Multifunctional Surfaces. Located at the municipal stadium at 2 Sienkiewicza Street, Orlik features a football pitch (dimensions: 30 x 62 m) and a multifunctional surface (dimensions: 19.1 x 32.1 m). Opening hours (spring - autumn): Mon - Sat,...

Skate Park

Sienkiewicza 2a |
Skate Park. Skate Park is located at the municipal stadium at 2 Sienkiewicza Street. Dimensions: 30 x 24.5 m. Surface: concrete. Components: bank ramp, funbox with grindbox 3/3, funbox with rail 2/3 + manualbox, quarter pipe + roll-in, 2 x grindbox,...


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Kościuszki 1 |

Plac zabaw ul. Chrobrego

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